Our mission is summed up in a theory

Our clothes have the power to
transform the world.

The clothes we choose to wear are a reflection of our identities and aspirations. They are a visual language, an expression of our individualities, of our belonging to the outside world.

The clothing industry, its current system, has a considerable impact on our planet and shapes our consumption habits and behaviors in alarming ways.

Our clothes are part of the problem, but can also be an essential part of the solution, of the transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Our clothing choices can inspire behavior change, become symbols of our commitment, and help shape a more sustainable future for our planet.

The evolution of planetary boundaries requires us to change the way we produce clothes.

The limits provide a fairly rigorous quantitative and qualitative framework on the environmental impacts of our societies. Crossing these ecological boundaries means going beyond the limit of sustainability of our environment. This observation invites us to modify our modes of production and consumption.

INSPYRATIONS, a company with a mission.

Through innovation, creativity, and questioning conventions, we act to lead the clothing industry and individuals towards responsible circular functioning.

Our goal is to progress in harmony with our world, the common good.

We don't do, we do.

We design and manufacture all of our collections in our workshop, without intermediaries.

Our commitment is not limited to a simple capsule or a few models but encompasses our entire production, this is our guarantee. Each part is subject to rigorous individual control in order to offer you unrivaled quality.

Our workshop is on a human scale, imbued with a collective spirit, respect and inclusion of all those who contribute to it. At each stage, from design to manufacturing, until the end of the life of our products, we take care to respect the working conditions of all our employees.

It is estimated that textile production is responsible for around 20% of global drinking water pollution , due to dyes and other finishing products. ///

The French only wear 32% of the clothes they own.

We baptized
our expertise and our exclusive WHY® technology.

WHY heat-sealed assembly technology is revolutionizing the textile industry. It fully releases the characteristics of the materials, optimizes the performance of each product and allows circular operation of unparalleled efficiency.

From design to repair, and even disassembly for reuse or upcycling of all materials, we control and carry out all these steps ourselves.

Our principles, anchored in the concept of "cradle to cradle", aim to optimize each component and minimize or reuse waste as much as possible, which constitutes the basis of our creativity.

Our products significantly reduce our environmental footprint while providing superior performance.

Our designs are inspired by the Kinstugi philosophy.

Appearing in the archipelago in the 16th century, Kintsugi is the art of repairing ceramics , porcelain and earthenware by embellishing them. “Kin” meaning “gold” and “tsugi”, “joint” in Japanese. Here, there is no question of throwing away broken pottery and even less of hiding the cracks in your old crockery.

On the contrary, the philosophy of Kintsugi highlights the object by using its flaws, according to the principle of Wabi-Sabi.

Our products are designed to be repairable for life and each repair can make them unique, without ever altering their quality.